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Arthritis as a Manifestation of Systemic Disease Follow-up

  • Author: Ritu Khurana, MD; Chief Editor: Herbert S Diamond, MD  more...
Updated: Nov 10, 2014


In general, therapy to manage the underlying illness results in improvement or complete resolution of the joint manifestations. Acute sarcoid arthritis does not cause joint damage.

In contrast, most patients with acromegaly have had the disease for many years prior to diagnosis and are left with cartilage hypertrophy and severe degenerative joint disease. The arthritis of hemochromatosis does not improve with phlebotomy.


Patient Education

For patient education resources, see the Arthritis Center and Muscle Disorders Center, as well as Knee Pain.

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This picture shows a 42-year-old white man who was admitted with acute back pain. In this frontal view, note the lower-face fullness that obscures his ears and the plethora of his cheeks.
Focal osteolytic changes seen in the phalanges in a patient with chronic sarcoid arthritis.
Osteolysis has left a lacy trabecular pattern in this phalanx (arrow).
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