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  • Aortic Dissection: A Double-Barreled Threat Clinical manifestations of aortic dissection are often missed on initial evaluation. Learn more about signs and symptoms to correctly identify these dangerous tears.
  • Body Modifications: Dermatologic Reactions and Risks Body modifications are increasingly popular and can go far beyond simple piercings and tattoos. Keep current on the latest trends, risks, and adverse events.
  • 14 Can't-Miss Hand Emergencies Rapid and accurate evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of hand injuries are essential to the prevention of significant dysfunction. How knowledgeable are you about the management of these injuries?
  • Sexual Abuse: The 'Hidden Pediatric Problem' Child sexual abuse is a global underrecognized and underreported problem. Learn how to diagnose and evaluate suspected victims of sexual abuse, as well as understand some key considerations when managing these patients.