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  • Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Review of 3 Cases and Palliative Care Metastatic breast cancer, or stage IV or advanced breast cancer, is incurable, with a low 5-year survival. Review the symptoms/signs of metastatic spread and 3 patient cases, as well as guidelines for, barriers to, and opportunities for improvement in palliative care.
  • 12 Urologic Emergencies You Need to Know Although urologic emergencies are relatively uncommon, prompt diagnosis and management are essential to prevent serious complications. Do you know how to recognize and best treat these 12 emergency urologic conditions?
  • Cutaneous and Mucosal Manifestations of Viral Diseases Viral infections can cause a range of cutaneous and mucosal manifestations, from isolated lesions to generalized exanthems. Learn more about recognizing and managing the findings associated with various viruses.
  • Gunshot Wounds: A Targeted Approach Approximately 300 people per day in the United States sustain a gunshot wound, and about 10-30% of these victims die of their injury. Learn more about how to manage these patients and how wound treatment can differ by injury site.