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  • dabrafenib (Tafinlar) FDA grants accelerated approval to combo therapy with trametinib (Mekinist) for unresectable or metastatic BRAF V600E-mutated solid tumors in patients aged 6 years and older
  • pneumococcal vaccine, 15-valent (Vaxneuvance) 4-dose immunization series approved for children at least 6 weeks old to prevent Pneumococcal pneumoniae infections
  • brexanolone (Zulresso) FDA expands indication for postpartum depression to include pediatric patients aged 15 years and older

Slideshow Collections

  • Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Review of 3 Cases and Palliative Care Metastatic breast cancer, or stage IV or advanced breast cancer, is incurable, with a low 5-year survival. Review the symptoms/signs of metastatic spread and 3 patient cases, as well as guidelines for, barriers to, and opportunities for improvement in palliative care.
  • Lyme Disease The nymphs of the ticks that spread Lyme disease are so small they can be mistaken for environmental particles, and some symptoms can resemble those of other illnesses. Do you know what to look for?
  • 7 Bug Bites You Need to Know Most insects and arachnids are benign, but some can inflict painful injuries or transmit dangerous pathogens. Learn more about the potentially harmful effects of lice, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests.
  • Snake Envenomations: More Than Just a Bite Snake envenomation is a major public health challenge in many parts of the world, including North America. Knowledge of dangerous snake species and their geographic distribution, toxidromes, potential complications, and management are essential to making informed decisions regarding clinical care.