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Recent Drug Updates

  • larotrectinib (Vitrakvi) FDA approves TRK inhibitor for solid tumors with NTRK gene fusion
  • glasdegib (Daurismo) FDA approves hedgehog pathway inhibitor for elderly patients with newly diagnosed AML
  • venetoclax (Venclexta) New indication approved for newly diagnosed AML in older patients or those unable to receive intensive chemotherapy

Slideshow Collections

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  • Alcohol Abuse: Complications and Consequences People who chronically abuse alcohol are at increased risk for cirrhosis, GI bleeding, pancreatitis, cardiomyopathy, trauma, mental health disorders, and a wide variety of cancers. Learn more about the potentially devastating complications of excessive, long-term alcohol use.
  • The Persistence of Trauma: PTSD Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occurs in survivors of natural disasters, crime victims, and other individuals who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. Do you know the symptoms?