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  • Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes Among athletes who suffer sudden cardiac death in the United States, one in 15,000 occurs in recreational runners, one in 50,000 occurs in marathon runners, and one in 100,000 occurs in high school athletes. How can you help prevent these occurrences?
  • Tattoo Skin Reactions: Allergies and Infections Decorative tattoos have become increasingly popular around the world--accompanied by a rise in related complications. Can you identify the following tattoo skin reactions?
  • Mole or Melanoma? Test Yourself With These Suspicious Lesions Melanoma accounts for fewer than 5% of skin cancer cases but most skin cancer-related deaths. Early detection is the best means of reducing mortality. Can you correctly diagnose these skin lesions?
  • Kawasaki Disease: Do You Know the Signs? Kawasaki disease is an autoimmune illness of unknown etiology that is now the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children. Do you know the specific criteria for diagnosis?