Estimate mortality in the critically ill

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2.Mean Arterial Pressure?
3.Heart Rate?
4.Respiratory Rate?
6.Serum Bicarb?
7.Arterial pH?
8.Serum Sodium?
9.Serum Potassium?
10.Serum Creatinine Level?
11.Acute Renal Failure?
14.Glasgow Coma Score?
16.History of Severe Organ Insufficiency OR Immunocompromised?
17.Post Operative?
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1. Temperature?

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About this Calculator

APACHE II score is a general measure of disease severity based on current physiologic measurements, age & previous health conditions. The score can help in the assessment of patients to determine the level & degree of diagnostic & therapeutic intervention.

Interpretation of APACHE II : minimum 0 and maximum 71; increasing score is associated with an increasing risk of hospital death. The advantage of the APACHE is that it can be used throughout the patient’s hospital course in monitoring the patient’s response to therapy. The accuracy of the APACHE II at admission as an early prognostic indicator of disease severity is about 75%; it is comparable with Ranson score in distinguishing mild from severe pancreatitis.


Knaus WA, Draper EA et al.

APACHE II: A severity of disease classification system.

Critical Care Medicine 1985, 13 (10): 818-29

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