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1.Percent Reduction of Urea?
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1. Percent Reduction of Urea?

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About this Calculator

Result 1 is calculated using the following formula:
Kt/V = (0.026 - PRU) - 0.460

Result 2 is calculated using the following formula:
Kt/V = (0.24 - PRU) - 0.276

Recall that:
Percent Reduction Urea (PRU) = (1  -  [postdialysis BUN  ÷  predialysis BUN]) X 100%

These equations are frequently used because of their simplicity, and though reasonably accurate, are generally felt to be inferior to the forumula used in our calculator entitled "Kt/V Daugirdas". Although using the PRU is useful as an epidemiologic tool, its utility in individual patients is more limited because of the considerable range of Kt/V that can be seen for any given PRU. Part of this variability is due to the fact that PRU does not take into account urea removal that occurs with ultrafiltration.


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