TIMI Risk Score (NSTEMI)

Guide therapeutic decisions in non-ST elevation MI.

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2.Traditional Risk Factors for Vascular Disease?
3.Known Coronary Stenosis ≥50%?
4.Presence of ≥0.5 mm ST Segment Deviation on Admission ECG?
5.Episodes of Angina in Last 24 Hours?
6.Positive Biomarkers?
7.Use of Aspirin in the Last 7 Days?
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About this Calculator

Although not absolute, the TIMI risk score has been shown to be useful to guide therapeutic decisions.

Patients with a TIMI score ≥ 3 benefited from an early invasive strategy.

Patients with a TIMI score ≥ 4 benefited from enoxaparin (as opposed to unfractionated heparin) and the addition of a IIb:IIIa inhibitor (Tirofiban) to heparin.

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