PELD Score - Age Younger Than 12 years

PELD (Pediatric End-Stage Liver Disease) is used for liver allocation in the OPTN match system

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About this Calculator

The Pediatric End-Stage Liver Disease (PELD) score is used to prioritize pediatric liver transplantation.

The PELD score is calculated using the following formula:

PELD Score =
0.480 x ln(bilirubin in mg/dL)
+ 1.857 x ln(INR)
- 0.687 x ln(albumin in g/dL)
+ 0.436 if the patient is <1 year old
+ 0.667 if there growth failure

Growth failure is defined as height or weight being less than -2 standard deviations. See page 3 of the following document from UNOS to determine if growth failure is present.

Scores for patients listed for liver transplantation before the patient's first birthday continue to include the value assigned for age < 1 Year until the patient reached the age of 24 months.

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