Reynolds CAD Risk

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About this Calculator

Premature CAD defined as a heart attack or stroke before age 60 years in a 1st degree relative.

Threshold cutoff values as follows:

  • If Systolic BP < 105 mmHg, a value of 105 mmHg is used.
  • If Total Cholesterol < 140 mg/dL, a value of 140 mg/dL is used.
  • If HDL < 30 mg/dL, then a value of 30 mg/dL is used.
  • If HDL > 150 mg/dL, then a value of 150 mg/dL is used.

*The risk stratification tool for the ESC is the SCORE system which estimates 10y risk of CVD death. Patients with a 10y risk of CVD death ≥5% are considered high risk. The lipid guidelines recognize risk equivalents as a distinct category that warrant immediate treatment. For patients with an ESC SCORE ≥ 5% a 3 month trial of lifestyle measures is a reasonable starting point. If after 3 months the lipids remain above moderate risk targets and the SCORE remains ≥ 5% then intensive therapy to reach high risk targets is recommended.


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