Autoimmune Hepatitis Diagnosis

Clarify the diagnose of autoimmune hepatitis

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1.Alk Phos?
2.Alk Phos Upper Normal Limit?
3.AST or ALT?
4.AST or ALT Upper Normal Limit?
6.IgG (times above normal level)
7.ANA, SMA or LKM-1?
9.Hepatitis Viral Markers?
10.Drug History?
11.Average Daily Alcohol Intake (EtOH)?
12.Liver Histology: Interface Hepatitis?
13.Liver Histology: Predominantly Lymphoplasmacytic Infiltrate?
14.Liver Histology: Rosetting of Liver Cells?
15.Liver Histology: Biliary Changes?
16.Liver Histology: Other Changes?
17.Other Autoimmune Diseases?
18.Seropositive for Other Autoantibodies?
19.HLD DR3 OR DR4?
20.Trial of Therapy?
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1. Alk Phos?

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About this Calculator

Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH) is a chronic hepatitis that mainly affects women. Classic autoimmune hepatitis is characterized by the presence of circulating antibodies to nuclei (AA) and/or smooth muscle (ASMA). The differential for AIH includes chronic diseases that can be accompanied by fibrosis or cirrhosis. The role of this scoring system is to help facilitate the diagnosis of AIH. Assessment of response to therapy can be made at any time.


Alvarez F, Berg PA, Bianchi FB.

International Autoimmune Hepatitis Group Report: review of criteria for diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis.

Journal of Hepatology 1999, 31 (5): 929-38

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