Mayo Early Screen for Discharge Planning

Identify patients needing specialized discharge planning services

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2.Disability Based on Rankin Disability Scale?
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4.Self-reported Walking Limitation?
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About this Calculator

The Early Screen for Discharge Planning was developed to identify patients early in their hospital stay who may need specialized discharge planning services.

The screening tool was developed and validated, and consists of only four variables - age, living status prior to admission, Rankin disability, and self-rated walking limitation.

The logistic regression model indicated that the odds of using these discharge planning services increased by 22% for every one unit increase in the screening score.

Patient with a score of 10 or above should be referred for specialized discharge planning.


Holland DE, Harris MR, Leibson CL, Pankratz VS, Krichbaum KE.

Development and validation of a screen for specialized discharge planning services.

Nursing Research 2006, 55 (1): 62-71

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