Vancomycin Dosing Based on eGFR (creatinine-cystatin C)

Select an appropriate initial dose and interval for vancomycin taking into account renal function using cystatin C & creatinine

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1.Has the patient received > 1 dose of vancomycin in the last 4-days?
2.Is the patient’s renal function rapidly changing (e.g. AKI, renal recovery) or are they dialysis dependent?
3.Is the patient < 18 years old or weigh > 130 kg or 286 lbs?
9.Serum Creatinine?
10.Serum Cystatin C?
11.Target trough?
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1. Has the patient received > 1 dose of vancomycin in the last 4-days?

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About this Calculator

This dosing protocol can be used to select an appropriate initial dose and interval of vancomycin based on the CKD EPI creatinine-cystatin C eGFR (mL/min). This tool has been shown to better predict trough concentrations than clinical judgement coupled with creatinine only estimates of renal function. Providers should closely monitor patient's response to therapy to ensure appropriate treatment of infection. Early indications of changing renal function (e.g. urine output, BUN, serum creatinine) might signal a risk for accumulation and need for more frequent therapeutic drug monitoring or renal assessment.


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