Worklife Balance

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1.How many hours a week do you spend on commute to and from work?
2.How many hours are you mandated to work per week?
3.How many additional hours per week (including weekend) do you work at home or elsewhere to complete your mandated work?
4.How many hours per week of work do you do (research, writing) that are not specifically funded or required by your workplace (i.e. writing in your area because you want to publish)?
5.How many hours a week do you spend on other work not covered above?
6.How much sleep per week do you find necessary to be “optimal” or feel “nicely rested”?
7.How long per week do you need to “get ready for the day” and “get ready for bed”?
8.How much time per week for the three meals per day (include preparation and clean up)?
9.How much time per week for dedicated exercise (walking, gym time, golfing etc)?
10.How much leisure time do you need each week for “you” or a “hobby”?
11.How much time per week for your spiritual well-being such as attending religious services; personal meditation; devotions; participating in a local religious community/organization?
12.How many hours a week do you spend on other “you” not covered above?
13.How many hours a week do you spend on spouse, significant other, friends?
14. How many hours a week do you spend on children?
15.How many hours a week do you spend on your parents or others you have personal responsibility?
16.How many hours a week do you spend on charitable work; service clubs – volunteering to help with others; community service; other volunteer work?
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1. How many hours a week do you spend on commute to and from work?

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The issue of physician burnout has received substantial attention in the medical literature and the workplace. Less attention has been paid to prevention. Work-life balance can be destabilized by both external and internal factors. Although external factors are controlled by employers and institutions, internal factors are under individual control. This commentary aims to help physicians identify and manage realities surrounding professional life so as to achieve overall life balance. We define overall life balance as achieving the proper mix of the 3 key life components- work, yourself, and others, enough of the time, to experience a satisfied, meaningful life that fulfills your unique goals.


Witzig E, Thomas, Smith M, Sonali CW

Work-Life Balance Solutions for Physicians-It's All About You, Your Work, and Others

Mayo Clinic Proceedings 2019, 94 (4): 573-576

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  • Thomas Witzig, MD
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