McMahon Rhabdomyolysis Risk Score

Predict the risk of severe acute kidney injury or mortality in patients with rhabdomyolysis

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3.Initial Creatinine?
4.Initial Calcium <7.5 mg/dL / 1.88 mmol/L?
5.Initial CK >40,000?
6.Etiology is seizure, syncope, exercise, statin or myositis?
7.Initial Phosphate?
8.Initial Bicarbonate <19 mEq/L?
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About this Calculator

The McMahon score was developed to predict the risk of severe acute kidney injury or mortality in patients presenting to the hospital with rhabdomyolysis (defined as a serum CPK on admission of >1000 U/L and a peak CPK of >5000 U/L)

The score identifies a low risk population who are unlikely to have severe adverse outcomes including AKI as a result of the injury. The AUC for the final model was 0.82 in the entire cohort.

The score was validated in a follow-up paper by an independent group.


McMahon GM, Zeng X, Waikar SS.

A risk prediction score for kidney failure or mortality in rhabdomyolysis.

JAMA Internal Medicine 2013 October 28, 173 (19): 1821-8

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