Syncope - EGSYS Score

Which patients with syncope should be admitted?

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1.Palpitations Preceding Syncope?
2.Heart Disease or Abnormal ECG, or Both?
3.Syncope During Effort?
4.Syncope While Supine?
5.Precipitating or Predisposing Factors?
6.Autonomic Prodromes?
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1. Palpitations Preceding Syncope?

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About this Calculator

A score >3 is considered the best discriminator for a diagnosis of cardiac syncope with a sensitivity of 95% and a specificity of 61%. This confers a PPV of 33% but a NPV of 99%.

A score >4 has a sensitivity of 32% and a specificity of 99%. This confers a PPV and NPV of 88%.

On follow-up a score >3 over an average of 614 days had a significantly higher mortality. Therefore it is recommended that any patient with a score >3 be admitted to hospital for diagnostic confirmation


Del Rosso A, Ungar A, Maggi R, Giada F, Petix NR, De Santo T, Menozzi C, Brignole M.

Clinical predictors of cardiac syncope at initial evaluation in patients referred urgently to a general hospital: the EGSYS score.

Heart: Official Journal of the British Cardiac Society 2008, 94 (12): 1620-6

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