Bacterial Meningitis Score for Children

Select Criteria:
Gram stain of CSF positive (2 points)
CSF Protein more than 80 mg/dL (1 point)
Blood absolute neutrophil count 10,000 cells/cubic mm or more (1 point)
Incidence of seizures with illness (1 point)
Spinal fluid neutrophil count >= 1000 cells per cubic mm (1 point)
Results: Total Criteria Point Count:
Risk of bacterial meningitis
0 points:Aseptic meningitis very likely
1 point:Aseptic menigitis less likely
2-6 points:Bacterial Meningitis MORE likely
  1. Nigrovic LE, Kuppermann N, Malley R. Development and validation of a multivariate predictive model to distinguish bacterial from aseptic meningitis in children in the post-haemophilus influenza era. Pediatrics. 2002; 110: 712-9.
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