CURB Pneumonia Severity Score

Select Criteria:
Confusion (abbreviated Mental Test Score <=8) (1 point)
Urea (BUN > 19 mg/dL or 7 mmol/L) (1 point)
Respiratory Rate > 30 per minute (1 point)
Blood Pressure: diastolic < 60 or systolic < 90 mmHg (1 point)
Results: Total Criteria Point Count:
CURB Score
0 Points:Low risk
1-4 Points:Higher risk
  1. Lim WS, Macfarlane JT, Boswell TC, et. al. Study of community acquired pneumonia aetiology (SCAPA) in adults admitted to hospital: implications for management guidelines. Thorax. 2001 Apr;56(4):296-301.
  2. Lim WS, van der Eerden MM, Laing R, et. al. Defining community acquired pneumonia severity on presentation to hospital: an international derivation and validation study. Thorax. 2003 May;58(5):377-82.
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