Framingham 10 Year Risk of General Cardiovascular Disease (2008 paper)

Sex    Female      Male    
Sys BP
Total Chol
HDL Chol
On hypertension medication   
Cigarette smoker   
Diabetes present   
Risk Factors  
Decimal Precision:
RiskFactors = (ln(Age) * AgeFactor) + (ln(TotalChol) * TotalCholFactor) + (ln(HDLChol) * HDLCholFactor) + (ln(SysBP) * SysBPFactor) + Cig + DM - AvgRisk
Risk = 100 * (1 - RiskPeriodFactore(RiskFactors))
  • This risk assessment tool is based on the Cox regression model of proportional hazards.
  • Cardiovascular disease includes coronary disease, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease and heart failure.
  • It may be applied to men and women who have had no prior history of cardiovascular disease.
  • For women: Age Factor = 2.32888; Total Chol Factor = 1.20904; HDL Chol Factor = -0.70833; Avg Risk = 26.1931 and Risk Period Factor = 0.95012
  • For men: Age Factor = 3.06117; Total Chol Factor = 1.12370; HDL Chol Factor = -0.93263; Avg Risk = 23.9802 and Risk Period Factor = 0.88936
  1. D'Agostino RB Sr, Vasan RS, Pencina MJ, et. al. General Cardiovascular Risk Profile for Use in Primary Care. The Framingham Heart Study. Circulation. 2008 Jan 22.
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