Pneumonia Risk in Post Operative Period of Non-Cardiac Surgery

Select Criteria:
More than 10% weight loss over 6 months (7 points)
History of COPD (5 points)
General anesthetic used (4 points)
Sensorium impairment (4 points)
History of CVA (4 points)
More than 4 units blood transfusion (3 points)
Emergency operation (3 points)
History of chronic corticosteroid use (3 points)
History of smoking within 1 year (3 points)
History of alcohol use, more than 2 drinks a day with last 2 weeks (2 points)
Surgery type
AAA repair (15 points)
Thoracic (14 points)
Upper Abdominal (10 points)
Neck (8 points)
Neuro (8 points)
Vascular (3 points)
Patient age group
More than 80 years old (17 points)
70-79 years old (13 points)
60-69 years old (9 points)
50-59 years old (4 points)
< 50 years old (0 points)
Functional status
Dependent (10 points)
Partially dependent (6 points)
Independent (0 points)
BUN concentration
< 8mg% (2.86 mmol/L) (4 points)
22-30 mg% (7.85-10.7 mmol/L (2 points)
>= 30 mg% (10.7 mmol/L) (3 points)
Results: Total Criteria Point Count:
Pneumonia Risk
0-15 points:0.24% risk
16-25 points:1.19% risk
26-40 points:4% risk
41-55 points:9.4% risk
56-84 points:15.8% risk
  1. Arozullah AM, Khuri SF, Henderson WG, et. al. Development and validation of a multifactorial risk index for predicting postoperative pneumonia after major noncardiac surgery. Ann Intern Med. 2001 Nov 20;135(10):847-57.
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