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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Guidelines include lists of relatively contraindicated drugs and those that require renal dose adjustment, but noncompliance with dosing and use of relatively contraindicated drugs are common in CKD.
  • Case: Age 49, Mysterious Fracture? A 49-year-old man with a history of osteopenia and HIV presents for follow-up after a visit to the ED 8 months ago with a midshaft femoral fracture. What likely contributed to his atypical fracture?
  • Alzheimer Disease Heavy drinking is the strongest potentially modifiable risk factor for dementia, according to a retrospective analysis involving 30 million people in France.
  • Quiz: Human Bite Wounds Most injuries due to human bites involve the hands and have a higher rate of infection than do injuries in other locations. Test yourself on key aspects of human bite wounds with this short quiz.
  • Case: Young Woman, Severe Headache? A 39-year-old woman experiences vomiting and a severe occipital headache that she describes as the worst she has ever had. She suffered a similar headache two days ago.
  • Osteoarthritis Reviews have questioned the quality of studies of stem cell therapy for knee osteoarthritis, citing high risk of bias, low quality of evidence, only modest improvement reported, and possible placebo effect.