sotagliflozin (Pending FDA Approval)

Brand and Other Names:Zynquista
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Dosing & Uses


Heart Failure Risk Reduction

Pending FDA approval to reduce risk of cardiovascular death, hospitalization for heart failure, and urgent visits for heart failure in adults with type 2 diabetes with either worsening heart failure or additional risk factors for heart failure,irrespective of left ventricular ejection fraction

Safety and efficacy not established



Mechanism of Action

Dual inhibitor of selective sodium-glucose transporters 1 and 2 (SGLT-1, SGLT-2)

The mechanisms of the benefit of SGLT2 inhibition are still being elucidated. Enhanced renal glucose excretion is a well-established mechanism of action, leading to a natriuretic and diuretic effect. Weight loss, improved myocardial energetics, decreases in uric acid level, adaptive cellular reprogramming, and salutary effects on endothelial progenitor cells have been described

SGLT2 inhibition increases glucose excretion in the urine, whereas SGLT1 inhibition reduces the postprandial glucose level by delaying intestinal glucose absorption



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