My Strangest Case

  • My Strangest Case: A Woman With Varicose Veins and Leg Pain A 60-year-old woman with left lower extremity pain and edema secondary to varicose veins underwent radiofrequency ablation. Swelling and pain in her leg returned, and the cause was something rare.
  • My Strangest Case: The Man With a Heavy Tongue Forty years after successful treatment for thyroid cancer, a 63-year-old patient presents with tongue heaviness and problems speaking. From presentation to treatment, this case report is unusual.
  • My Strangest Case: A Man With Worsening Pain in Both Arms A 68-year-old man presented with progressively worsening bilateral upper-extremity pain. The rare cause of this unusual case has been reported fewer than 20 times in the literature.
  • My Strangest Case: The Patient Whose Shirts Stopped Fitting A 53-year-old man sought care because his shirts were no longer fitting at his collar. He also reported weakness in his right upper arm and new-onset snoring. Find out why and see images of the case.
  • My Strangest Case: An Infant With Lumps in Her Belly The parents of a 3.5-month-old girl noticed lumps in her belly while bathing her. This set off an investigation into various rare diseases that could be responsible, with a surprising resolution.
  • Case Report: COVID-19 in a Third-Trimester Pregnancy A woman at 38 weeks' gestation acquired COVID-19 after attending a religious event. Her case illustrates potential standard practices and questions regarding the impact of those practices on families.