Optimizing COVID-19 Treatment in Hospitalized Patients

Karine Lacombe, MD, PhD


December 02, 2022

The current treatment landscape for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 has changed dramatically since the early days of the pandemic. More treatment options, supported by key international studies such as the EPIC-HR, RECOVERY, and PINETREE trials, have provided clinicians with important evidence of safety and efficacy as well as treatment timing guidelines.

Early use of antiviral therapy and immunomodulatory medications now represents a vital component of treatment in patients who have been hospitalized due to COVID-19 or who were previously admitted for unrelated conditions and incidentally tested positive.

In this ReCAP, Karine Lacombe, MD, PhD, head of Department of Infectious Diseases at Hospital Saint-Antoine in Paris, France, discusses the specific subpopulations of patients who are most commonly hospitalized with COVID-19 today, and the most effective early treatment approaches on the basis of disease severity, including second-line therapeutic options.


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