Managing Patients With Opioid Use Disorder

Gail D'Onofrio, MD, MS


July 24, 2023

In October 2017, the opioid crisis was declared a nationwide public health emergency. Overdose deaths have reached unprecedented levels in the United States. Despite the existence of effective medications for treating opioid use disorder (OUD), there are significant barriers preventing adequate treatment.

In this ReCAP, Dr Gail D'Onofrio, of Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut, presents an overview of challenges to treatment of OUD, including absence of health insurance, transportation limitations, and the stigma surrounding therapy, all of which can hinder patients from seeking necessary treatment. Dr D'Onofrio highlights a variety of strategies by which clinicians can address these challenges in their practice.

She also discusses electronic aids to efficiently assess patients with suspected OUD and initiate guideline-supported therapy.

Last, she details evidence-based medications that are available for OUD, including extended-release buprenorphine.


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