Pain, Tingling, and Numbness in the Extremities With Foot Drop and Progressive Weakening of the Legs

Sumaira Nabi, MBBS; Rao Suhail, MBBS, FCPS Neurology; Shahzad Ahmed, MBBS


May 19, 2014

The patient in this case was given a trial of 5 sessions of plasmapheresis. Although mild improvement in his sensory symptoms was observed, his left foot drop persisted, so he was given an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO). He is undergoing physiotherapy and has been advised to have regular follow-ups in the neurology and oncology clinics. The plan is to start immunomodulatory therapy.

Neuropathies associated with paraproteinemias have heterogeneous clinical, neurophysiologic, neuropathologic, and hematologic features. These necessitate prompt and appropriate workup and management to avoid permanent disability.