Fast Five Quiz: Do You Know the Current Guidelines for the Screening and Treatment of Prostate Cancer?

Tan Winston, MD


July 24, 2014

The new ACS guidelines cover a wide range of issues surrounding the assessment and management of physical and psychosocial effects of prostate cancer and its treatment. The ACS recommends that PSA levels be assessed every 6-12 months during the first 5 years of follow-up and then rechecked annually, and that patients undergo an annual digital rectal examination. Patients undergoing ADT should be periodically monitored for treatment-associated anemia. Because of the risks for metabolic syndrome, obesity, and bone loss and fracture associated with ADT, baseline assessments of calcium and vitamin D levels and bone-density scanning should be performed in men undergoing ADT. Patients should also receive dietary counseling, supplements (if needed), and other therapeutic interventions.

For more on the treatment guidelines for survivors of prostate cancer, read here.


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