Fast Five Quiz: Do You Know What to Watch for and How Best to Treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers?

Vincent Lopez Rowe, MD


December 15, 2014

The risk for ulceration and limb amputation in people with diabetes can be improved by routine preventive podiatric care, appropriate shoes, and patient education. Diabetic clinics should screen all patients for altered sensation and peripheral vascular disease.

Of diabetic foot ulcers, 85% are estimated to be preventable with appropriate preventive medicine. The patient should be educated on the following measures:

Inspect the feet daily.

Routinely cleanse the feet with gentle soap and water.

Apply skin moisturizer to the whole foot.

Inspect the shoes to ensure good support and fit; Medicare covers custom shoes with appropriate physician documentation confirming that the patient is at risk for ulceration.

In addition:

Minor wounds require prompt medical evaluation and treatment.

The patient should avoid hot soaks, heating pads, and irritating topical agents.

Prophylactic podiatric surgery to correct high-risk foot deformities may be indicated.

For more on the prevention of diabetic ulcers, read here.


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