Fast Five Quiz: Do You Know the Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Potential Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease?

Heather S. Anderson, MD; Helmi L. Lutsep, MD; Shaheen E. Lakhan, MD, PhD, MS, MEd


January 09, 2023

Approximately 50 million adults worldwide have been affected by Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia. Furthermore, about 32 million people worldwide have Alzheimer's disease dementia.

The 2022 estimated total cost of healthcare, long-term care, and hospice services for patients aged 65 years or older with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia is around $321 billion dollars, including $206 billion in Medicare and Medicaid payments combined, per the Alzheimer's Association.

Do you know the risk factors, symptoms, and potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease? Test your knowledge with this quick quiz.


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