Fast Five Quiz: Do You Know How Best to Approach Otitis Media?

Russell W. Steele, MD


October 17, 2018

Peak prevalence of otitis media in both sexes occurs in children aged 6-18 months; this is attributable to the more horizontal anatomy of the eustachian tube at this age. Some studies show bimodal prevalence peaks; a second, lower peak occurs at age 4-5 years and corresponds with school entry.

Although otitis media can occur at any age, 80%-90% of cases occur in children younger than 6 years. Children who are diagnosed with acute otitis media during the first year of life are much more likely to develop recurrent otitis media and chronic otitis media with effusion than children in whom the first middle ear infection occurs after age 1 year.

For more on the epidemiology of otitis media, read here.


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