Fast Five Quiz: Do You Know Current Guidelines for Lipid Management?

Yasmine S. Ali, MD, FACC, FACP, MSCI; Mary Ellen T. Sweeney, MD


March 25, 2016

Adults with LDL-C levels less than 190 mg/dL may have the following additional factors that may inform clinical therapy:

  • LDL-C level of 160 mg/dL or higher, or additional evidence of genetic hyperlipidemia

  • Family history of premature ASCVD

  • High-sensitivity C-reactive protein level of 2 mg/L or higher

  • Coronary artery calcium score of 300 Agatston units or higher

This also applies to individuals whose coronary artery calcium scores are in the 75th percentile or higher for age, sex, and ethnicity, as well as those who have an ankle-brachial index less than 0.9 or an elevated lifetime risk of ASCVD.

For more about lipid management, read here.


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