Fast Five Quiz: Are You Able to Identify and Treat Melanomas?

Winston Tan, MD


June 02, 2015

The four major types of melanoma, classified according to growth pattern, are:

  • Superficial spreading melanoma. Constitutes approximately 70% of melanomas; usually flat but may become irregular and elevated in later stages; the lesions average 2 cm in diameter, with variegated colors as well as peripheral notches, indentations, or both.

  • Nodular melanoma. Accounts for approximately 15%-30% of melanoma diagnoses; the tumors typically are blue-black but may lack pigment in some circumstances.

  • Lentigo maligna melanoma. Represents 4%-10% of melanomas; the tumors are often larger than 3 cm, flat, and tan, with marked notching of the borders; they begin as small, freckle-like lesions.

  • Acral lentiginous melanoma. Constitutes 2%-8% of melanomas in light-skinned people and 35%-60% of melanomas in dark-skinned people; may appear on the palms and soles as flat, tan, or brown stains with irregular borders; subungual lesions can be brown or black, with ulcerations in later stages.

For more on the types of melanoma, read here.


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