Fast Five Quiz: Are You Prepared to Confront Firework-Related Injuries?

Richard H. Sinert, DO


June 30, 2015

Burns of areas such as the face are best treated by means of an open technique. Wash the burn area, debride any open blisters, and cover the wounds with topical antibiotics. Fingers and toes should be wrapped individually, with fluffed gauze separating the digits in order to prevent maceration and adherence.

Cover all partial-thickness wounds with antibiotic ointment. Silver sulfadiazine is commonly used but may not be available to the emergency physician. Steroids have no role in treating burn wounds. Cleanse other areas with minor burns using a mild soap and gentle scrubbing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends debridement of all bullae and excision of all adherent necrotic tissue.

For more on the emergent treatment of burn injuries, read here.


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