Fast Five Quiz: Can You Properly Address Cataracts?

Robert H. Graham, MD


July 22, 2015

An irregular red reflex is the hallmark of congenital cataracts. If an irregular red reflex is detected at the initial screening, this usually indicates that a congenital cataract might be present and an ophthalmology consultation is warranted.

Leukocoria, or white reflex, also could be the presenting sign of a cataract. In a study by Haider and colleagues, 60% of patients who presented with leukocoria had congenital cataracts (18% unilateral and 42% bilateral). Other causes included retinoblastoma (11% unilateral and 7% bilateral), retinal detachment (2.8% unilateral and 1.4% bilateral), bilateral persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous (4.2%), and unilateral Coats disease (4.2%).

For more on the presentation of congenital cataract, read here.


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