Top 10 Clinical Trends for August 2015

Ryan Syrek


August 21, 2015

Healthcare providers search to find clinical information and keep current. Each month, we review what terms dramatically increased in physician searches and select the top 10 based on significance and percentage of increase. Although sometimes driven by what's in the news, the answers for why some terms are more popular than others may surprise you. We speculate as to what prompted those searches and provide some interesting facts about related conditions with a series of infographics. If you have thoughts about what's trending and why, feel free to share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!

#10 Clinical Trend: Parotitis

Few things draw attention to a condition quite as much as one of the world’s most popular sports stars contracting it. Neymar, of the well-known soccer team FC Barcelona, will be out two weeks due to his parotitis. Team doctors were quick to point out that Neymar had been previously vaccinated against mumps but contracted the condition despite this. As public interest increases in a condition, so do physician searches in order to better answer questions that naturally arise.

For more in-depth clinical information, see Parotitis.


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