Clinical Trend for the Week of August 21-28

Ryan Syrek


August 28, 2015

Physicians search to find clinical information and keep current. Each week, we look for a term that dramatically increased in physician searches from the week prior, based on significance and percentage of increase. Although sometimes driven by what's in the news, the possible reasons why a term surged in popularity may surprise you. We speculate as to what prompted the increase and provide an interesting fact about the related medical condition with an infographic. If you have thoughts about what’s trending and why, feel free to share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!

Clinical Trend of the Week (Aug 21-28): HIV Cure

Last week, the second annual Conference on Cell & Gene Therapy for HIV Cure took place at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Although a true “cure” is likely a ways off, Nobel Laureate Dr. David Baltimore explained in his keynote talk that he does see a future in which patients with HIV no longer have to take medications, are free from the dangers associated with HIV, and have a limited transmission ability. Although many genetic approaches have only been attempted in preclinical models or in mice, early clinical trials of vector-induced genetic changes are taking place. The increase in searches likely reflects the eagerness of physicians to arrive at the place Dr. Baltimore described.

For more in-depth clinical information, see HIV Disease.


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