Clinical Trends for February 2016

Ryan Syrek


February 26, 2016

Clinical Trend of the Week (February 6-12): Liver Failure Stages

Two bits of news likely influenced the popularity of this week's top search term. The first is a positive, as researchers from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom reported that coffee consumption may substantially reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis. Their systemic review and meta-analysis covered data from nine long-term studies, which included almost half a million women and men, spanning six countries. Two cups of coffee were found to lower risk of cirrhosis by 44% and dropped risk of death from liver failure by nearly 50%. Sadly, a missing teenager also helped drive searches. Nicole Madison Lovell, a 13-year-old from Blacksburg Virginia, ran away from home, something made particularly dangerous as she requires daily medication for her previous liver transplant. After days without medication, she would begin to experience the first stages of liver failure. Between the promising coffee news and the concerning news about a missing teen, liver failure was certainly in the spotlight.

For more in-depth clinical information, see Cirrhosis.


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