Fast Five Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Hypertension?

Yasmine S. Ali, MD; Eric H. Yang, MD; David H. Adler, MD


February 09, 2016

Especially severe cases of hypertension, or hypertensive crises, are defined as a BP ≥ 180/120 mm Hg and may be further categorized as hypertensive emergencies or urgencies. Hypertensive emergencies are characterized by evidence of impending or progressive target organ dysfunction, whereas hypertensive urgencies do not include progressive target organ dysfunction. In hypertensive emergencies, the BP should be aggressively lowered within minutes to an hour by no more than 25%, and then lowered to 160/100-110 mm Hg within the next 2-6 hours.

For more on the hypertensive crises, read here.


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