Fast Five Quiz: How Familiar Are You With Iron-Deficiency Anemia?

Emmanuel C. Besa, MD; Derek B. Laskar, MD


May 18, 2021

Iron-deficiency anemia has been characterized as a significant threat to global health. Anemia affects one third of the global population, and iron deficiency is the most common cause. In countries where there is little meat in the diet, iron-deficiency anemia is six to eight times more prevalent than in North America and Europe, where iron deficiency most often occurs among women of childbearing age. Broadly defined, iron deficiency encompasses reduced total body iron (absolute deficiency) in addition to diminished iron supply to erythropoietic and/or other organs with preserved stores (functional iron deficiency). Left untreated, iron-deficiency anemia can cause significant morbidity.

What do you know about iron-deficiency anemia? Test your knowledge with this quick quiz.


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