Clinical Trends for May 2016

Ryan Syrek


May 27, 2016

Clinical Trend of the Week (April 29 to May 6): LSD

Set aside Hunter S. Thompson's "fear and loathing," lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) has the ability to change brain function, leading to ego dissolution, which has been counted among the least understood domains of psychedelic experience. A new neuroimaging study has shed light on how the drug influences high-level cortical regions and the thalamus, which showed increased global connectivity upon use. The study's implications indicate a potential role for treatment in disorders such as anxiety or schizophrenia. Although the findings require further investigation, the potential to use LSD to understand the symptomology and links to brain function may allow insights into how to alter the symptoms of schizophrenia, altering the dangerous symptoms of that condition and driving an increase on searches on this subject.

For more information on Schizophrenia, read here.


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