Fast Five Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Diverticulitis?

Jamie Shalkow, MD


May 09, 2016

Diverticulitis is defined as an inflammation of one or more diverticula, which are small pouches created by herniation of mucosa into the wall of the colon. The term "diverticulosis" merely describes the presence of diverticula, whereas "diverticular disease" is defined as clinically significant and symptomatic diverticulosis. Diverticular symptoms may be due to diverticular bleeding, symptomatic uncomplicated diverticular disease, diverticulitis, or segmental colitis associated with diverticulosis.

Diverticulitis is generally considered a disease of the elderly, but as many as 20% of patients with diverticulitis are younger than 50 years. Do you know what signs and symptoms to watch for and what the current best practices are for diagnosis and treatment of the disease? Test yourself with our quick quiz.


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