Fast Five Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Psoriatic Arthritis?

Herbert S. Diamond, MD


June 13, 2016

A number of medications can exacerbate psoriasis; therefore, avoidance of these agents may help to prevent or minimize flare-ups. Lithium and withdrawal from systemic corticosteroids are well known to cause disease flare-ups.

Other drugs that have been implicated include beta-blockers, antimalarials (although, as previously mentioned, evidence suggests that hydroxychloroquine does not exacerbate skin lesions), and NSAIDs. If skin lesions worsen with an NSAID, switch to a different family of NSAID.

Prevention includes rest and exercise. Joint protection, including splints, braces, and other supports, may be helpful. No definitive prevention exists because this is a chronic disease that can wax and wane.

For more the treatment of psoriatic arthritis, read here.

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