Clinical Trends for August 2016

Ryan Syrek


August 26, 2016

Clinical Trend of the Week (July 30 to August 5): Functional Dyspepsia

The link between the brain and the gut helped drive this week's searches. A new study of nearly 2000 individuals found that one third had a mood disorder that preceded a gastrointestinal disorder, specifically irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and functional dyspepsia. Higher levels of anxiety and depression significantly predicted the development of IBS or indigestion within 1 year. The connection between primary gut diseases and psychological distress may offer a more comprehensive view of the conditions facing individuals with gastrointestinal disorders. Relieving problems in the gastrointestinal areas may reduce anxiety and depression that stems from gut disease. This potential helped drive searches for this week's top term.

For more information on irritable bowel syndrome, read here.


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