A 55-Year-Old Woman With Bumps on Her Face

Amin Esfahani, MD; Mary E. Lohman, BA; Anne Laumann, MBChB, MRCP(UK)


October 11, 2017

Physical Examination and Workup

On examination, the patient, who has Fitzpatrick skin phototype 5, appears well. Relevant skin findings include multiple dome-shaped erythematous to violaceous papules (2–4 mm) and a few superficial pustules on a background of faint erythema on both cheeks (Figures 1 and 2).

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Also present are scattered hyperpigmented macules.

Examination of the back, chest, neck, upper extremities, and fingernails reveals no abnormalities.

Recent complete blood count and complete metabolic panel results are within the reference range.


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