Psychiatry Fast Five Quiz: What Do You Know About Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Stephen Soreff, MD


October 19, 2016

NPD is not associated with any specific defining physical characteristics. Mental status examination may reveal depressed mood due to dysthymia or major depressive disorder, both of which may be related to the paradoxically low self-esteem often present in patients with NPD.

Because NPD, by its nature, involves a haughty disregard for others and an insistence on one's own innate superiority, narcissistic patients are unlikely to recognize their need for treatment and even less likely to seek help of their own accord. For this reason, patients with a diagnosis of NPD alone (ie, with no concomitant axis I diagnoses) make up a very small percentage of the total patient population seen by mental health professionals.

For more on the presentation of NPD, read here.


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