Fast Five Quiz: What Do You Know About Schizophrenia?

Stephen Soreff, MD


August 09, 2019

Psychosocial treatment is an essential part of treatment. It includes numerous approaches, such as social skills training, cognitive-behavioral therapy, cognitive remediation, and social cognition training. Psychosocial treatment has been shown to be most effective when combined with medication. The psychosocial approach emphasizes functions over symptoms and is designed to allow the patient to feel part of society—a person and not just a patient.

Currently, psychosocial treatment is oriented to patient recovery and includes these goals:

  • Have few or stable symptoms

  • Avoid hospitalization

  • Manage own funds and medications

  • Work at least half-time

  • Avoid high emotional situations which are very stressful

To learn more about psychosocial interventions, read here.

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