Clinical Trends for February 2017

Ryan Syrek


February 24, 2017

Clinical Trend of the Week (February 4 - 10): Lung Cancer

This week's top search term surged in popularity thanks to some disappointing findings. A new study found that lung cancer screening for high-risk persons using low-dose CT scanning may have resulted in more harm than benefit. In a population of more than 2000 high-risk patients (age, 55-80 y), lung cancer was found in 1.5% of patients; however, around 60% of individuals who were screened were positive for the test. Incidental findings were also reported in around 40% of patients. The rate of false-positive results was 97.5%. Concerns included the high rate of false-positives and subsequent unnecessary invasive and risky procedures, potential harm from radiation (if the low-dose CT protocol was not followed), and higher mortality and morbidity from operative procedures. Clinicians will no doubt continue to search for information regarding optimal screening patterns for this serious condition.

For more information on lung cancer, read here.


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