Fast Five Quiz: Test Yourself on Temporomandibular Disorder

Amy Kao, MD


March 01, 2017

Simple washing of the upper compartment of TMJ using arthrocentesis has been very effective in patients with a history of condylo-meniscal incoordination; results have been comparable to those of arthroscopic surgery.

Arthroscopic surgery appears to be as efficient as open surgical procedure and has the added benefits of fewer severe complications and less surgical morbidity. In acute TMJ lock, however, arthroscopy and arthroscopic lysis and lavage of the upper compartment of TMJ produce comparable success rates.

Open surgery was the main surgical option in the 1970s and 1980s, and the most common procedure was disk repositioning and plication.

Described in 1951, the Myrhaug technique creates a permanent and reducible chronic dislocation of the joint by resecting the temporal condyle. The main indications include (1) TMD not responding to all other treatments and (2) chronic sub-dislocations of one or both TMJs.

For more on the surgical treatment of TMD, read here.

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