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Scott H. Sicherer, MD; William James, MD; Germaine L. Defendi, MD, MS


March 13, 2017

The duration of the individual lesion and of the attack varies. Although most cases resolve without therapy within 6-9 months, some persist for 3-4 years. Individual lesions seldom persist more than 2 months.

Molluscum contagiosum is usually asymptomatic; however, individual lesions may be tender or pruritic. In general, the patient does not experience systemic symptoms, such as fever, nausea, or malaise. Lesions are usually 2-5 mm (rarely, up to 1.5 cm in the case of giant molluscus) in diameter and may be present in groups or widely disseminated. Immunocompetent children and adults usually have fewer than 20 lesions. Lesions are seldom found on the palms and are rarely documented on the soles, oral mucosa, or conjunctiva.

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