Fast Five Quiz: Can You Answer These Challenging Pediatrics Questions?

Scott H. Sicherer, MD; William James, MD; Germaine L. Defendi, MD, MS


March 13, 2017

Anticipate potential candidates for food allergen cross-reactivity, such as the following:

  • Eggs and chicken (< 5% of patients have both allergies)

  • Cow milk and beef (10% of patients with milk allergy react to beef)

  • Cow milk and goat milk (> 90% allergic to cow milk also react to goat/sheep milk)

  • Fish (> 50% allergic to any finned fish are reactive to all types)

  • Peanuts and other legumes (< 10% with a peanut allergy react to other legumes)

  • Soy and other legumes (< 5% with a soy allergy react to other legumes)

  • Wheat and other grains (25% with a wheat allergy react to rye and barley)

  • Tree nuts and other nuts (> 50% with an allergy to a tree nut react to others)

For more on the treatment of food allergies, read here.


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