Clinical Trends for April 2017

Ryan Syrek


April 28, 2017

Clinical Trend of the Week (April 8-14): Knee Replacement

This week's top search term is a procedure that may not be as easy to recommend as once thought. A new study determined that total knee replacement is associated with a minimal improvement in quality-of-life for patients with less severe disability and is not cost-effective in the United States. The findings suggest that restricting total knee replacement to patients with Short Form (SF)-12 physical component summary (PCS) scores below 50 would significantly increase cost effectiveness. However, one potential shortcoming of the study is that it did not account for patient satisfaction. Therefore, patients with less significant disability who underwent the procedure may well feel a substantial gain, even if it is not on the same order of magnitude as those who were more severely affected prior to surgery. This search likely surged in popularity as users sought to consider how best to advise patients in light of these new findings.

For more information on knee replacement, read here.


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