Fast Five Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Systemic Treatment for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Winston W. Tan, MD


April 13, 2017

Marked advances are being made in the treatment of early-stage breast cancer, but many patients still develop recurrence and metastasis. In addition, 5%-10% of breast cancer patients have metastatic disease at presentation. Although treatments for metastatic breast cancer continue to improve, no cure has been found once distant metastases develop.

Furthermore, although occasional patients with metastatic breast cancer benefit from surgical resection for an isolated recurrence, and many require radiation therapy for palliation at a specific site (or definitive treatment of brain metastasis), in general, recurrent or metastatic breast cancer must be approached systemically so that the therapeutic effect reaches all sites of disease. Two main interventions are recognized: hormone therapy and chemotherapy.

How much do you know about systemic treatment for metastatic breast cancer? Test your knowledge with this short quiz.


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